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Winter Relationships, Houston Texas

Recent studies claim that cold and frigid weather lead to feelings of loneliness. Shorter days can bring these feelings of loneliness into full view - as well as instigating Seasonal Affective Disorder. Studies also show a drop in Serotonin levels in winter. In the “before-times” fall and winter also bring a variety of social events - holiday parties for family, friends and work - that many people don't want to attend solo. Certainly Facebook data confirms that people are apt to update their relationship status to "in a relationship" between October and February with many reverting to “single” in March - the end of winter. Cold-weather partners offer a warm body to cuddle with or a holiday party date. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes people to want to cling onto a partner.

So are winter relationships transient and fleeting?

The first step is to consider why you want to be in a relationship- especially with that person. Is it just because you want someone to warm you up while the mercury drops? If you know that there’s an expiration date on the relationship, you may not truly invest even if there is a chance at a successful long-term relationship. You have to knowingly give it the opportunity.”

Partners can build a stronger connection by showing interest in each other's hobbies or making an effort to get to know their family or friends on a more personal level. This will help to build an emotional bond - rather than a casual fling. However, both parties must be willing to put in the work. Dating is never easy, and a commitment that starts as a seasonal, more casual relationship means more work. In order for the relationship to grow, both parties have to be vulnerable and willing to let their guard down. It doesn’t hurt to also make definitive future plans or dates together for spring or when the weather warms.

It takes effort like other relationships but your winter fling can turn into a permanent and loving relationship. A local matchmaker is a great resource for meeting someone - at any time of year - and helping to navigate the dreaded winter season to lead you into a long-term successful relationship.

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