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Why Matchmaking Makes Sense for Men

If you are like most of our male clients, you’ve been successful in your professional life, are blessed with a busy social circle and have had no shortage of dates or even a past significant relationship or two. Matchmaking is not for the desperate or socially awkward man. Matchmaking is for the man who has not had the time to think seriously about finding a partner until now, holds privacy supreme - so the idea of dating apps and online photos floating around in the ether doesn't appeal, or maybe you find yourself suddenly starting over again.

Think of matchmaking in the same way you use a concierge at a hotel, your financial advisor - who holds dear your most precious investments, or your attorney whose advice comes from years of study, know-how, experience and practice. Matchmaking is a luxury you can ill-afford to pass up as we take the "work" out of dating and deliver the goods in a no-nonsense, structured and honest way. Especially for those dating in Houston or Dallas.

There isn’t a one size fits all type of program when hiring a matchmaker. We want to learn about your life, needs, and criteria then determine together a path to success. The relationship between the Matchmaker and client is symbiotic - your input is essential to ultimate success.

Though the art of matchmaking may seem to be an old fashioned way of bringing two people together, it is currently thriving in today's world of technology - dating apps and online profiles who make people feel disposable and oversimplified have only served to highlight the need for the personal touch when it comes to dating in Houston and/or Dallas.

We believe that though attraction can be subjective, it is also essential in the matchmaking process. We do not believe in blind dating and you will see photos and profiles of women in our database even before we discuss client membership. We will give you the guidance and support and you will benefit from honest feedback and personalized information about each woman you meet or how you can improve your odds on the next one.

So if you are looking for a matchmaker in Houston or a matchmaker in Dallas, contact us here at VIP Matchmaking Events (VME). With over 18 years of combined experience, we are trusted by many.

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