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Who are we?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

VIP Matchmaking Events is the tried and true company for Houston matchmaking events. We have been matching people successfully at events since 2013. Traditionally, Houston matchmaking has consisted of being matched from a company database and going on a date. These dates can last anywhere from two to three hours and cost two to three hundred dollars - all to find out in the first 15 minutes you have no connection with the person you are on the date with. VIP Matchmaking Events is another option when it comes to matchmaking in Houston. 

Simply put, our events are different. They offer a unique way of meeting someone that takes the pressure off. Our events are like Speed Dating in Houston for one. So the VIP client meets with up to 10 matches at one time in the span of 2 to 3 hours - the exact length of a date. It only takes 15 minutes to know if you would like to go out on a traditional date and VIP Matchmaking Events in Houston facilitates that. 

According to a recent study, it takes some people only 100 milliseconds to decide if someone is attractive or not. It takes a little longer to determine if there is a personality match and/or chemistry - but not that much longer. Whether you are meeting people online or paying a traditional Houston Matchmaker to meet, nothing beats that face-to-face meeting. Is the chemistry there or not? With VIP Matchmaking Events in Houston, you can answer this question rather quickly.  VIP matchmaking events is the only matchmaking company in Houston that offers a service of this kind. You don’t have to spend money on each date and spend your valuable time getting to know someone you are not interested in seeing again.

Save time and money with this revolutionary way of meeting your match in Houston. Houston singles have been raving about this non-traditional Houston matchmaking service since 2013. If, however, traditional matchmaking in Houston is still your first choice, we work with firms that offer that and are happy to set you up with an introduction to our partners. 

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