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VIP Matchmaking Events on Voyage Dallas Magazine!

"VIP Matchmaking​ ​Events​ is a premier boutique-style events firm based out of Houston with an office in Dallas. After watching singles struggle with traditional matchmaking for years, we have developed a one-day-only event that is more cost-effective and takes the “work” out of dating. We focus on getting to know our clients personally and providing them with discreet and caring, one on one care. Like with traditional matchmaking, we respect privacy, are discreet and attentive. VIP events go outside the database to find your match while sticking to your criteria and guidelines. All singles are screened in-office and thoroughly vetted prior to the events. These events are one of a kind and tailored to the needs of each client. My business partner, Renee Edd, has hosted singles events since 2006. Some of her events are patently out of the box such as Speed Dating in Cars, Speed Dating in Elevators and Escape the Zombie in The Room Speed Dating – which other companies have taken and run with and some have landed on national TV like Jay Leno. The VIP Event, in contrast, is gimmick-free and straight to the point. As a company, we are proud to have a 95% success rate with our events."

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