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Values and Dating

Commonalities make or break a relationship. While opposites attract and it's natural to have differences, there are some key elements where being on the same page will solidify a healthy relationship. Things like varying interests, food taste, or movie/TV faves are not deal breakers, however larger issues like children, religion, marriage, even sleep schedules, should always be agreed upon before embarking on a serious relationship.

The Future. If two people don't have ideas of what their future will look like - for example a timeframe for marriage, kids, career, moves etc. then it's not a relationship that has long term longevity.

Similar Core Values. It's important that overarching values are similar so that when confronted with inevitable ethical dilemmas or life-decisions, partners are on the same page.

The Ability to Compromise and find a way forward with some type of solution that feels like a genuine compromise is a must.

Work Ethic is important. Those who are driven versus those who do just enough is a big one. Some partners like to push themselves and their partners while others work to live. For example, if one partner needs to focus on work while the other wants to go out, problems can arise in the short and long term.

Though people should embrace themselves as individuals, and it's healthy to be different from your partner, these conversations are necessary for the success and growth of a relationship. Having these values in common will help resolve issues while also preventing any confusion or disappointment.

What is great about working with our local Houston Matchmaker is that they can do their due diligence in vetting those values. You can avoid 'taboo' subjects and focus on wether or not there is chemistry.

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