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Tips for a Mature Breakup- From your local matchmaker!

Break ups can be hard, especially if you happen to be the person being broken up with or if the break up was inevitable. So how do you approach an uncertain post-breakup future?

For starters, before you jump into another relationship or decide that you want to hire a local matchmaker, you must focus on your own growth. Granted, this does not happen overnight. But where do you start? Well, we always encourage our clients to replace the question “Why did this not work out” to “What did I learn about myself?”. This ensures that you’re identifying growth patterns that reflect solely as you the individual and not as a couple.

After a breakup we tend to remember only the good times. The reason being that we as humans tend to prefer and go back to what is comfortable as oppose to embracing change. This is why a good amount of couples get back together only to realize that it might have not been the best idea. On the other hand, growth does not happen if all you do is trash talk your ex. To combat this we suggest you embrace a former partners full and flawed human behavior. By doing so, it allows you to remember your own, and in in doing so, you allow yourself to adjust any behavior you wish to change.

Lastly, remember that you can be scared and courageous at the same time. A breakup does not mean you’re unlovable or that you have to go back to what is comfortable to you. Use this time to really focus on growth and watch as everything falls into place.

Growth after a breakup from Local Matchmaker
Tips for a Mature Breakup

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