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Smarter People Have Harder Time Dating

Smarter People Have Harder Time Dating

A recent study out of Australia found that men and women had less attraction to individuals in the IQ percentile than they did to those in the 90th percentile. In other words, super-smart people with IQs over 120 (100 is average) were less desirable than their slightly-less-smart counterparts. One of the many things matchmakers and date coaches constantly stress to their clients is not to overthink. Overthinking can sometimes cheat you out of a relationship that could potentially lead somewhere. Intelligent people can't turn off their brain even when it comes to matters of the heart. For example, they tend to weigh pros and cons instead of going with their gut - or their heart. Things that would typically not be a big deal to someone might become something that an intelligent person might obsess over. This can lead to avoidance of a potentially good match. Intelligent people are also very comfortable being alone and independent. The positive of this is they don't rush into relationships for the sake of being in one. The negative is, like in overthinking, they don't take a chance on a potential match that could pan out for them. Highly intelligent people are also very goal-oriented and focused. They put relationships on the back burner. Local matchmakers and date coaches will only take on clients that are ready to make matchmaking and dating a priority. Like with anything else in their lives, if they want to manifest success, they will have to put in the effort. Higher standards are a great product of good self-esteem and intellect. Working with a matchmaker or participating in a matchmaking event can help intellectuals stop over-thinking and just surrender to the process. Matchmakers are the top of the dating food chain - they know their area (in our case Houston and Dallas), they know local singles, they know what makes a relationship work and they are able to match individual criteria. Matchmaking is the optimal option for intelligent people who are looking to finally make finding an equal relationship a priority.

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