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Single and Not Able To Mingle: Dating During Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Many singles considered 2020 to be the year they would find love and a perfect match. Enter: Corona Virus,  and it's highlight contagious disease COVID-19. As the entire world presses the pause button, there is a high level of uncertainty with regard not only to health but to jobs and income. In this fraught environment, dating might be low on the priority list. However, we are finding the opposite is true. Humans long for connection - especially during times of uncertainty. Humans are social creatures and relationships offer an array of positive benefits. Therefore, it isn't surprising that the human need to connect is actually heightened during times of stress - survival mode kicks in. 

Dating at a distance is nothing new and previous generations were often forced to do so as the norm. Before social media, instant messaging, assorted dating apps and websites - and everything in between - people relied on paper, ink, and a stamp. They carefully crafted letters, pouring out their hopes and dreams, before mailing it across the world - or just the city. Most of these “pen pal” relationships turned into something serious. Online dating is an easy avenue for singles to date during this pandemic,  but singles who were not fans of it before are still not fans of it now. 

The solution: Tried and true Professional Matchmaking. With matchmaking you are still able to focus on other aspects of life while letting matchmakers take away the stress of dating. With online dating, figuring out if a person is just “bored” or if they are “serious” is work in and of itself. Matchmakers are able to shift through profiles, vetting them to narrow it down to your specific preferences and criteria.The matches are handpicked and tailored to your specifications. When a match is made, all you have to focus on is building rapport so that when things go back to normal you have already established a strong foundation. Don’t let online dating be your only alternative.

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