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Romance Scammers: Tinder Swindler, Anna Delvey, & Bad Vegan

Shows like the Tinder Swindler, Inventing Anna, and Bad Vegan are permeating screens across the world showcasing unsuspecting people getting hoodwinked in relationships.

Romance scammers have increased significantly with the advent of dating apps. Here are some red flags to be aware of when vetting potential mates.

1. They seek you out but live an incredible distance away from you. They say they will fly in or fly you out to see them but this never manifests. They also tend to break promises that they will be coming to visit.

2. Their profile seems too good to be true. The photos look like they are straight from the pages of a magazine, their hobbies are a little too closely aligned with yours and they sport a lot of "valuables" such as flashy cars, watches, upscale vacations and the like.

3. The relationship moves too quickly. You go from the first date to exclusivity in no time at all - and in some cases, you haven't even met face to face! Soon you're cut off from friends and families and in the throes of only communicating with this person.

4. They ask for money. Whether they sport Rolexes and claim their funds are "all tied up" or they have a secret occupation or someone is out to get them or they will pay you back by "wiring" you - DON'T DO IT. Do NOT give anyone money without vetting the person thoroughly first. They even ask for specific payment instructions - run fast.

5. They keep their occupation vague, secret or they have trust funds.

With a matchmaker, your matches and dates are already vetted. You don't have to worry about falling prey to these new scammers that are becoming celebrities themselves. Reach out to VME Matchmaking for a consultation.

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