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Matchmaking & Baseball in Houston

VIP Matchmaking events in Houston is also known for their outside the box speed dating events. In this case, Speed Dating at the Ballpark was the first event of its kind in the world - not just Houston. Combining a love baseball and, well... love, the event was a great success.

Many singles prefer meeting in real life because it creates the opportunity for a more natural connection.  A face-to-face first meeting allows you to get a feel for personality, sense of humor and their ability to converse in person - none of which can be determined on an app. Head to any baseball game and between periods lends the best time to converse with a potential match. If you're both cheering for the same team, you'll already have common ground to start a conversation. Even if you're cheering for opposing teams, it allows for joking around with each other and potential flirtation.

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Go Astros!

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