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Is Matchmaking effective?

A recent study has shown that the average price of a date today is approximately $102.32. This average varied a bit city to city with New York coming out on top at $259.60 followed by Hawii and Connecticut.

Of particular interest to us is Texas which comes in at $110.99 per date. On average, if you were to take 10 women on a date, and you decided to date 3 of them at least 3 times, you're looking at $2330.79. The reality is the average single Houston male will go on much more than 10 to 15 dates in the span of a 6 month period. This adds up pretty quickly. Houston is full of busy professional singles so having to sort through potential dates can also be time consuming. For someone who has a set routine, it can be difficult to find time and sort through matches online let alone go on actual dates. Additionally with Houston being a big city, finding someone who is within a desirable distance can be hard as well.

That's why VIP Matchmaking Events is a more cost-effective solution. For the cost of an average 3 month dating period, you meet the same number of women all at one time and can more easily and quickly settle on the one(s) you want to focus your time and money on going forward.

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