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First Vacation Together- Thoughts From the Houston Matchmaker

Traveling together as a new couple is a big milestone. Taking your first vacation as a couple can be extremely revealing. Traveling has a way of amplifying the whole getting-to-know-each-other process. In truth, there’s no better way to truly get to know a person than to travel with them. Whether it’s finding out how your partner deals with flight delays, lost luggage, over-bookings, weather issues, exhaustion, vehicle-issues and like-scenarios that may occur, will show you if the two of you are really compatible. You’ll definitely learn their habits and how they treat people. A couple will truly know if they make a good team when you are outside each of your respective comfort zones and you’ll get to know a different side of your partner.

A recent survey found that 63 percent of new couples say that traveling has actually helped their ability to problem solve and overcome obstacles in their relationships. So when is the right time and what to do? Another survey by Hilton Hotels found that 60 percent of couples felt traveling together within the first three months of dating someone is optimal. Travel is most defined as a weekend getaway rather than a long trip.

To prepare for your first vacation, it’s essential to communicate your vision for the trip,

be flexible and able to compromise, set a budget, and decide how you both would like to share photos/updates on the trip on social media platforms - or not.

Traveling is fun, but the logistics can be stressful and some people just don’t travel well. It’s also important to realize that you're not going to like every single activity your partner wants to do and so it’s fine to do your own thing.

If you're on a road trip, silence is okay. It’s natural for the conversation to peeter out. A good playlist can come in handy for those moments and the songs will always remind you of the trip.

Make sure your expectations are in reality. It’s less about the trip itself and more about building a strong connection in your relationship.

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