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Dating With Dietary Restrictions

Can dating someone with dietary restrictions be a dealbreaker?

Whether you're on a first date or about to cohabitate, dating someone on a special diet can beget complications. Multiply that times two if both partners have dietary preferences or restrictions.

From veganism, to gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo eaters, non-dairy folks and or classic vegetarianism, steak and potatoes folks can find it difficult to adjust to their partners preferences and needs. Though it may seem that in the grand scheme of relationship issues, dietary restrictions might seem like a small issue, food plays a large part in a relationship. For instance, there are family gatherings like birthdays and holidays, vacations as well as anniversaries or just going out with mutual friends. Not to mention daily meals.

While it's true that in relationships opposites attract, they require a lot of work from both partners for it to work long term. So, can a relationship succeed with these dietary circumstances?

Dietary restrictions can become a deal-breaker if it leads to a power struggle. If a partner isn’t able to broach and conduct a “normal” conversation about what is for dinner, or if what is on the menu leads to arguments and you're not able to meet in the middle and compromise, then that is, unfortunately, a red flag signally that there are sure to be larger issues down the road.

Partners and relationships revolve around compromise. In fact, it can be an adventure to find new places that cater a persons’ diet and even explore new cuisines and dishes. Some websites have popped up like Glutenfreesingles, a dating site for people with gluten-based dietary restrictions. While this may work for some, it is also shutting a person off to a perfectly great partner who may be willing to broaden their dietary horizons and learn new dishes and ways of consuming food.

No one should change for their partner, however, at the end of the day, applying a little logic, patience and understanding can make things run smoother.

If you find that your dietary needs are a big part of your life and should be prioritized in dating, hiring a local matchmaker might be a great solution. The matchmaker can help you navigate and weed out the criteria so that you do not have to feel awkward about it on the date.

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