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Dating Outside Your Culture

What happens when a couple come from two different cultures? Can cross-culture relationships work? Whether you meet online or met in a far flung locale or through a local matchmaking company, love knows no boundaries.

Our culture is part of our worldview that influences how we see everything, including relationships. Unfortunately, different cultures express love in relationships differently - whether that be PDA or gifting. If someone doesn’t receive or give love the way the other one recognizes, it can cause some major problems. Sometimes even language itself can pose an issue.

There are ways of keeping differences from causing division.

Though it isn't feasible or necessary to adopt your significant other’s cultural practices, a willingness to understand and explore is key. Maybe it's celebrating holidays and festivities from you partner’s culture - or even getting to know the foods and learning some of the language.  demonstrates love and respect.

Naturally, cultural differences will exist but it's necessary to not blow these differences out of proportion. Seeking to understand as opposed to judging is key to a successful relationship. This can also lead to commonalities between cultures whether it's similar preferences, interests and/or values.

Inter-cultural relationships require compromise and an effort to not let cultural stereotypes dictate your understanding of your partner. Discuss expectations for the relationship including perspectives on intimacy, finances, gender roles, and family holidays. Most of all remaining patient and consider yourself lucky to have found someone you click with and want to spend your time with. Loving your partner means loving them for who they are.

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