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Dating During COVID-19

As the world slowly starts to open up again in light of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, everything is taking on the term the 'new normal'. So what, then, is the new normal when it comes to dating? Until widespread testing and tracing is available, each individual will have to weigh their own risks when it comes to those initial face to face meetings and dating. Even matchmaking companies will have to start adapting. Where once they only got to know their clients' deepest desires, criteria and relationship-goals, now local matchmakers will have to find out - what is your exposure level? Work? Grocery shopping? Apartment building? What are you comfortable with? Have you been tested for both the antigen and the antibody? This is a deep seeded shift that is changing the industry.

The good news is, at least for initial meetings, fewer than 1 percent of outbreaks can be traced to outdoor exposures. This makes it easy for a one on one date at, say, a park or patio dining. Where the relationships go from there are up to the individual.

Normally, matchmakers frown upon developing an 'online' relationship - IE constant texting and phone conversations - as nothing beats the face to face meeting to determine chemistry and potential long-term compatibility. Now matchmakers are urging a good mix of FaceTime/Skype to determine things that had always been better in person.

With Houston being a huge city that is widespread, many Houston singles are finding it easier to feel comfortable with meeting potential dates. Of course precautions must be taken.

Online dating still has the pitfalls associated with it prior to the Pandemic. So the best bet is trusting a matchmaker to be honest about your safety during the process of matching you with the intent of finding a long term relationship and not a post COVID hookup. 

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