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Dating And Politics

Dating And Politics

A recent survey of 5, 000 singles has provided insight into how singles navigate dating and politics. This study found that in the last 3 years of the current administration, there has been a huge 25% increase in singles (76% of them) who believe it's important that their partners share similar political beliefs. Only 48% believe they would be able to date someone with diametrically opposed political views.

When asked how they would respond if a date expressed a political opinion they disagreed with, the majority of survey participants replied that they would try to understand the other perspective, while 20% would not respond at all. 16% responded that they would pick a fight or get up and leave.

Is it possible to date across the aisle in today’s divided nation? Since political affiliation tends to align with a person’s values, it can create a major hurdle to romance. Politics has become a top “deal breaker”. It is very difficult to change the mind of a partner who feels strongly about politics. In fact, politics is showing up on dating profiles. The differences are no longer merely about party lines, but rather, the values perceived to be associated with each party.

So if politics are important to you, and you've fallen for someone who doesn’t share your views, is there any hope? These relationships can only work if the couple agrees to disagree on some issues, and find common ground on others. An example would be one person who is socially liberal, but fiscally conservative or someone that voted for Donald Trump the first time around but has since changed their mind. In these scenarios where partners aren’t too deeply entrenched in their views, there is some hope for finding common ground on which to build a relationship.

On the other hand, couples who have opposite views, the solution would be to limit the amount of time in which they talk about what’s happening in the world and to make sure political talk doesn’t enter the bedroom.

The best piece of advice is to find out a potential your partner’ political beliefs early on. Though common advice is to avoid politics on the first date, the second or third date might be the time to broach the subject.

A matchmaker finds these things out ahead of time. If someone is opposed to dating the opposite party, then it’s easy for the matchmaker to never make the match in the first place and avoid at best awkward leave-takings and at best a dating disaster.

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