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Blind Dating Is Scary!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Could blind dating be going the way of the dinosaur?

These days, singles are constantly swiping and shuffling through profiles and many of our clients find that exhausting.

Singles look through profiles daily, and struggle to decide who to reach out to and meet. Are you really going to meet the best person for you in this manner? Matchmaking in Houston is tricky but with VIP Matchmaking events we turn traditional matchmaking on it's ear and offer you an event with clients hand-picked for you based on your criteria. 

One of the biggest advantages of meeting at one of our VIP Matchmaking events in Houston, is that you only have to spend 15 minutes with the client to know if there is a spark or not. Matchmaker in Houston do  all the vetting for you ahead of time. We know what you find attractive on a physical and emotional level so we screen all the matches with you in mind. Then it just takes 15 minutes in person to determine if you would like to go on an actual date with them and spend your time and money. 

Since we know your criteria our Houston matchmakers screen everyone we invite to the event according to your physical preferences and value system. The worst thing that can happen at our Houston Matchmaking events is that you just have no chemistry with said person. But at least they tick all your boxes when it comes to dating and being single and finding your ideal match in Houston. 

With today’s technology it is easy to miss your ideal match. When you meet people through VIP Matchmaking in Houston events, we already know what you're looking for and we! We’ve spend time with all your potential matches. We are not just matching profiles or pictures, we are matching real people that we know with you to come to an event for you to meet in a safe atmosphere. 

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