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Being Single in Houston or Dallas

Life in a big city like Houston or Dallas is face-paced and exciting. There are great job opportunities and things to do to occupy your time. However, with the good, also comes the bad. Being single in Dallas or Houston has both pros and cons. Certainly the pool of singles is bigger but the over-abundance of choice can be too much to resist and people don't slow down to focus on just one person. Think of FOMO.

In bigger cities, the high proportion of singles can feel overwhelming. In smaller cities, people bump into each other at the same cafes and at the same bars week in and week out. This can be claustrophobic and that dating means weeding through coworkers, friends, and friends’ exes.

Here are some things that can help:

1. Have a Matchmaker take on the work for you. A matchmaker has a database to pull from. If you do a VIP matchmaking event, the matchmakers even go outside the database to scout the city like Houston or Dallas for you. With their heavy screening methods, it's a safe and  efficient way to find a match.

2. Join a group or a club.

3. Use your dog and go to the dog park. Nothing starts up a conversation quicker than an adorable pooch!

4. Volunteer. Unfortunately, cities are rife with people in need. Find an organization that means something to you and get involved. You'll meet like minded do-gooders like yourself who want to make a difference.

5. Learn a new skill - take up dance, fencing, cooking, golfing - a class setting hearkens back to when you were in school and it was easy to spot a special someone across a crowded room. 

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