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AI & Matchmaking

In a world where AI is taking over, it's better to rely on the personal touch and the in-person meeting to find your perfect match. Houston's matchmaking events company VIP Matchmaking Events is here to make that happen. Dating in Houston is like dating in any other big city. AI would take the information, streamline it and pop out matches. That takes away the personal touch that Houston Matchmakers can give you at their events. 

In countries like China, AI is already branding citizens good or bad, desirable or not, based on facial recognition and if they jaywalk. Would you leave your dating life in houston to a machine? Would you trust a robot to find you a perfect romantic match in Houston? Houston matchmakers at our VIP Events personally go out and find your match and bring them to meet you in person at our events. It a matter of minutes, you know if chemistry is there or not. But at least the matches the Houston Matchmakers have brought to your event tick all your boxes.

Our Houston Matchmaking company doesn't leave it up to a machine or a computer to find the perfect match to bring to your event. We do that ourselves. 

The future is here and the future is face to face matchmaking VIP events in Houston. 

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