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Suze Orman

The Matchmaking Event

Unlike traditional matchmaking, we don't just rely on resources and other clients in our database. Gearing up for an event means boots to the ground - our matchmakers physically going out and scouting/meeting potential candidates for our clients - based solely on their criteria. As an example, are you someone who enjoys hiking and the great outdoors? Well, our matchmaker might sign up for a hiking class in hopes of meeting like minded individuals. 

We bring all potential candidates into our office for a screening process before we determine if they are a good fit to attend the client event. All potential matches go through a vetted background check as well. 

Then we arrange everything in advance for the event. From the time that you sign on with us, to the time of the event, we allow six weeks for scouting. In this period, we use our resources to find ideal matches for you. On the day of the event, you will meet 5 to 10 potential matches. We stagger the times so that you are able to sit privately with each match for up to 15 minutes. That’s all the time it takes to know if you would like us to set up a future date with the potential match. You will also receive date coaching prior to the event as well as on-site coaching and feedback.

The events take place at a public restaurant or bar/lounge. We have a private area to ourselves and provide food and drink for both the candidates and yourself. The venue can be a simple, no frills albeit elegant space or the venue can be a 4 star eatery. This is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with. We also find day-time weekends work best for this type of event.

After the event, you will continue to receive guidance from the matchmaker with regard to how the date(s) are going and how to navigate the beginnings of a relationship.

Prices start in the low thousands depending on the type of venue and time of day/evening you are wanting your event. As we have relationships with many venues in town, we always negotiate the best rate for you. The cost of the event will cover venue, drinks for yourself, drinks for the candidates, food, a matchbook, roses, and time spent scouting and working the event.

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