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Asking for help isn't weak. It is a great example of how to take care of yourself

Charlie Brown

Dating Consulting

Occasionally, we throw public events to raise our profile, meet potential new clients, and provide a space for singles to meet one another along with our event-matchmakers. We also provide date coaching, Dating App consultations, dating advice, and wardrobe consulting.


Ever wondered where to meet singles in Houston? Maybe you just want to make sure that you are doing everything you can on a dating app. Prices for a consultation regarding date coaching, dating app overview, and dating advice are by an hourly rate (see below). During the meeting the matchmaker will provide you guidance in the dating department from research based advice to a dating app overview.  


YOU will have full control of the meeting. Anything and everything you want to talk about. Nothing is off the table.​​

Phone Session

  • Half hour: 30.00 USD

  • Full hour: 50.00 USD

  • 3 One Hour Coaching calls: 120.00 USD


  • Half hour: 40.00 USD

  • Full hour: 60.00 USD

  • 3 One Hour Coaching calls: 150.00 USD

In Person Meeting

  • Lunch: 325.00 USD (waived for client consult via website)

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