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Come and review profiles with the matchmaker! You never know if your match is already a client.

About our Professional Matchmaking and Events Company

VME Matchmaking services the Houston area and has over 19 years of combined experience. We are the go-to Dating and Event experts in Texas using our research-based methodology to find the perfect match for each client. We are in the business of facilitating quality introductions between busy professionals who prefer the personal approach and specialized and curated plans crafted specifically for who they are and what they need.


If you have tried traditional matchmaking services in the past or are not yet sure matchmaking is the right choice for you, our VIP Event or Scouting program are both economical alternatives. 

With traditional matchmaking, clients are at the mercy of the database. Are there enough matches in your age range that are your "type" and match your criteria? VME Matchmaking is able to go outside the database and find quality singles that line up with a clients specific criteria and guidelines. 


We also rely on research and data when devising matching - not just our ‘gut feeling’ or what the database spits out. Our holistic 'macro-system’ view of dating and relationships has resulted in many lasting relationships.


We make sure all applicants are independent, self-sufficient singles looking for a long-term monogamous relationship. All singles are screened in-office and thoroughly. As with traditional matchmaking, VME respects privacy. We are discreet and attentive to client needs. 


Our firm takes pride in matching our clients based on our experience, research and proven data and - most importantly - the criteria and needs set forth by you! 


Real people. Real dates.

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